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Winter/Spring 2018 Women's Bible Study

January 16th - January 16th, 2018

$0 - $25

Location: 501 Hillside Ave, Glen Ellyn, IL, 60137, Phone: 630-469-2964

Session Options: Tuesday AM Session 9:30-11:15am or Tuesday PM Session 7:00-9:00pm

Cost: $25 per session - participant guide and materials.

Childcare: Available only on Tuesday mornings. Childcare is free.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Erin Christner (

Tips for registering:  When asked please click ONLY ME if just registering yourself and BOTH when registering you and your children.

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2018 RECESS Winter Camp

January 26th - January 28th, 2018

$0 - $230

Friday Jan 26 3:45pm

Meet at GEBC. Eat Pizza. Load up the bus. Peel Out for Jones, MI!

Sunday Jan 28 3:30pm

Arrive back at GEBC

Sign up here, and you'll get an email with Bair Lake's Participant form afterwords.

Tube. Eat. Rock Climb. Ice Climb. Dodgeball.And possibly play the card game “mafia”...

Bring your entire crew from your school/club/team to Bair Lake Winter Camp!

We’ll grow together in our faith by spending some time together as a community pursuing Christ in our lives. We’ll hear an awesome speaker and band share how we can grow in our walks with God, and sing together as a fam to praise Jesus. Ask anyone who went last year- it’s awesome.

Still have questions? Contact Nate Cantleberry and he’ll help you out! Thanks! Nate


4th & 5th Grade Created By God- 2018

January 28th - March 11th, 2018

$0 - $5

By fourth or fifth grade, most schools offer a class explaining the changes preteens go through over the next few years. In Children’s Ministries at Glen Ellyn Bible Church, it is our desire to offer a similar class from a Biblical Christian perspective. We call our class “Created by God.”

This 6-week class will introduce and explain the wonderful, God-given gift of sexuality. There are separate classes and teachers for 4th/5th grade boys and girls. We will be using the book, "How You Are Changing" from the Learning about Sex Series for Families by Concordia Publishing House. This series provides age-appropriate information and presents sex as a gift from God and encourages obedience within the boundaries He has set up.

Registration is $15 and includes the "How you are Changing" book. (If you will purchase your own copy of the book, registration is $5 for the class) Registration is limited and will close once the class is full. If you need a copy of the book, please select the "Add on" option when registering and select either the boys or girls edition.

Important Created by God information will be provided at our Parent Preview Night held on January 22nd from 7-8pm downstairs in the Fireside Room. This is when you will also pick up your child's book (or you can pick up the book on Sunday morning, 1/21/18- check with a Children's Ministry staff person) The student will need to read prior to the first class on 1/28. Registration will close after the first session on 1/28/18.

The 6 week class schedule:

1/22- Parent Preview Night 7-8pm in Fireside Room

1/28- Session 1- 10:30am

2/4 - Session 2- 10:30am

2/11 - Session 3- 10:30am

**no class 2/18

2/25 - Session 4 - 10:30am

3/4 - Session 5 - 10:30am

3/11 - Session 6 - 10:30am and Closing Session for Parents at 10:30 in Fireside Room

Please contact Amy Coyle (acoyle@gebible) or Leah Wilson ( with any questions!

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RECKLESS Summer Missions 2018 Application

February 4th, 2018

We are so glad you've decided to apply for the mission trips this summer. It's a decision you will not regret!

Please register here in order to:

  • Complete the Application
  • Complete the Summer Missions Contract
  • Sign up for an interview slot

Interviews will take place on Sunday morning, Feb. 4th during and between both services from 9am-12pm. They will last 15 minutes long and will be our chance to get to hear who you are and why you're excited about serving with us this summer.


Short-term mission trips are both a privilege and a commitment for a high school student.

PRIVILEGE: Being used by God to make a difference in the world is an enormous privilege. We are confident that students will return from both trips with deeper friendships, life changing memories, and a renewed passion for God’s redemptive rescue mission in our world. Because it's a privilege and not a right, we are looking for students who come in with a “Here I am. Send me. (Isa. 6:8)” attitude, willing to be used by God wherever he calls them. We do our best to place students on the trip they are most excited about, but do not guarantee that a student will end up on their trip of choice. While we tend to place younger or first time students on the domestic trip and older or returning students on the international trip, we take every student on a case by case basis. There is no rule or letter of the law. We are looking for students who are eager to serve and trusting in our leadership and God's guidance to put them where they need to be. After reviewing your application, interview, and previous experience, we will prayerfully and thoughtfully place students where we feel they have the best chance to succeed.

COMMITMENT: As many of you are aware, it will take lots of hard work and effort to make this trip possible and successful for each student. We will work hard to make it an unforgettable and life transforming trip, but need to know you are equally committed to that same goal. Over the next 5 months leading up to our trips, we will spend time preparing, training, fundraising, and connecting as a team so that we are fully prepared for what God has in store for us and fully equipped to meet the needs of those we encounter. Therefore, participation at trip meetings, fundraisers, and the mission training retreat are REQUIRED if you want to be on a team this summer. By skipping the mission retreat, or multiple trip meetings or fundraisers, you may be forfeiting your spot on our teams. Like anything in life, the success of these trips for you and the teams is dependent on your commitment to prioritize it. We are certain you won't regret it!

To indicate you agree with this contract, please select "YES" for questions 7, 8, and 9 on the Application.

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Soft Souls Living in a Harsh World

February 10th, 2018


The world is a challenging place. Difficulties can come at us from many directions. The “Soft Souls Living in a Harsh World” workshop offers a path for thriving in a tough world.

In this interactive workshop based on Dr. Tim’s book, “Soft Souls Living in a Harsh World,” participants will:

  • Learn what makes a person a “soft soul” 

  • Explore how soft souls protect themselves from a harsh world 

  • Learn how to avoid common mistakes in dealing with hurts 

  • Identify specific choices we have in life to navigate our challenges
  • Practice specific tactics to recharge and thrive in difficult times 

  • Examine the role of spiritual life in dealing with life’s hardships 

  • Leave energized and equipped for the future 

Whether you are a soft soul or care about someone who is, this workshop will equip you with strategies to maximize happiness. 

Check out these “Soft Souls” sites:

Workshop leader: Tim Ursiny, Ph.D., RCC, CBC 
Dr. Tim Ursiny is a speaker and executive coach specializing in helping individuals reach peak performance and life satisfaction. His areas of expertise include coaching, communication, conflict and dealing with change. He has written 12 books including The Coward’s Guide to Conflict which is in its fourth printing and has been translated into multiple foreign languages. He speaks frequently for some of the top organizations in America. Tim has been interviewed and appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, People Magazine, Readers Digest, First for Women and other periodicals. He has also appeared on CNN radio news, VH-1 News, Total Living and ABC Channel 7 News. You can find out more about Tim at 


4th/5th Grade Retreat at Camp Timber-lee

February 18th - February 19th, 2018

$0 - $120

Arctic Blast 2018 @ Timber-lee!

Join our 4th & 5th grade GEBC friends for a fun overnight camping trip at Camp Timber-lee in East Troy, Wisconsin. Participants will leave via bus from GEBC on Sunday, February 18th at 12:30pm and return on Monday, February 19th around 5:30pm.

Girls and boys will be staying in separate cabins accompanied by adult chaperones. All cabins are equipped with bunk beds and bathroom facilities. There will be 3 meals (Sunday dinner, Monday breakfast, Monday lunch) and a snack (Sunday night) provided. If your child has any dietary restrictions, please contact the CM office (630-984-5667) by Feb. 1st, 2018.

There are a ton of fun activities planned for our 4th & 5th graders including a great speaker, band, and other winter-y fun activities like tubing, tobogganing, karaoke, science education center, broomball, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing. These are all included in the cost of the registration!

If your child would like to participate in horseback riding, please select the Horseback Riding "Add-On" for $15 when you register. In the event that horseback riding is canceled due to weather, we will refund to your credit card.

Your child may also want to bring additional spending money ($5-$15) for the snack shop, camp store, and leather shop.

Additional details will be emailed to all registrants including what to bring and more specific departure and return information.

We recommend you register your child on a desktop or laptop computer (not on your cellphone). Click on Register Now and then select "Family or Friend" when it asks who you are registering. For any questions about registration, please contact Andrea Lichtenheld at For any questions about the retreat/activities, including financial assistance, please contact Leah Wilson at

*There is a limited amount of reservations we can accommodate so we recommend you register early! Registration will close when we are at capacity or on February 1st, 2018. *

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Membership Class - March 11th or 18th, 2018

March 11th - March 18th, 2018

Please join us for one of our membership classes this spring.

Sunday March 11th 6-7:30pm or Sunday March 18th 6-7:30pm

Taking a class does not obligate you to become a member, but is a great way to learn more about the church.

The process to becoming a member of the church includes:

  1. Attending one of the two classes offered

  2. Completing an application

  3. Meeting with an Elder